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Established in 1999 with a long pedigree in Insurance and Service management – we serve you with a wide spread of offices and network of advisers. A unique approach comprising of - best in ‘industry benchmarked practices’, mixed with decade plus techno savvy - CRM (Customer Relationship Management) based Sales/Claims Support experience; and ‘customer delight centric’ approach, has ensured that we deliver, to your expectations! Simply log in – browse through the range of policies that fit your need, fill in the details and select from an array of companies, that we insure with; hit the button and get multiples of quotes, with coverage details. Else - call us, leave us a request (via mail or chat); and we will get back to you, with the choices….. that you seek.

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Insurance Portfolio Management

Insurance today is more complex than before, and the portfolio management function needs to keep up. We have automation, predictive models, and complex operations and distribution structures, each of which has an impact on the portfolio. For you we have mastered the art and science of making decisions about insurance risk mitigation and policy selection, matching insurances to objectives, fund allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against insurance investments.

Universal Calculator

What implications do the day to day risks to your and non-material wealth (Health/Accident) & material wealth (Jewelry-Valuables/Property/Motor Vehicle) have on your financials? What about a new risk? What about the unknown?

Using Veritas Insurances’ Universal Calculator, cautious planners reduce risk, save on expenses in case of claim and decrease their tax liability. Just fill in your insurable details and select conditions, hit the button and find an array of policies/ quotes/insurance companies to choose from!

Claim Management

You don’t really know what your insurance policy will do for you until you actually suffer loss or damage. When this happens, you need us- to help you. Our team of expert Claim Managers and the Claim Management System, ensure that as we represent you (with the insurer) - you are notified at every step. We value that, you sleep easy!

Risk Management

Managing your risk constitutes a major element of your financial plan. You can buy insurance for all kinds of things: to cover the costs of damage to your home (Homeowners Insurance), automobile (Motor Insurance), or even your newly-purchased television or electronics appliances and the medical expenses (Health Insurance).

From a finance standpoint, the steps in managing these risks are straightforward:

  • Identify the risk – in common words, what do you fear?
  • Determine how much of this risk you can bear, and
  • Insure the remainder of the risk

With years of experience of serving hundreds of thousands of customers like you, let us help you with Risk Analysis and Insurance Management.

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I have been working at Veritas Insurance full-time. Veritas is an amazing company to work for! I absolutely love my job, and the people I'm around. I never believed people when they said they loved their job, until I started here.

Vipul Shiyal
24 Years | Ahmedabad

I have been working at Veritas Insurance full-time (More than five years).This is the most intense Sales and Service Support(Claim and Post sales) commited organization,I have ever been a part of. It's SMART RENEWAL program is amazing and you will never miss a renewal. You get paid in time and there is no shortage of lassistance for every help that you could need, with this company.

Vipul Shiyal
24 Years | Ahmedabad

Why I love Veritas Insurance? Good training support | Honest Managment | People making money | Helpful customer service | Quick sales process | Paid fast | Little drama | Nice facility | Good teamwork….and there is more!

Vipul Shiyal
24 Years | Ahmedabad

As a top agent /adviser – I thought I knew the business and the market, however I was blown away when I saw what the agents at Veritas were doing. These guys have a system that is second to none. Anyone that has patience, and the ability to work full time, can make a SIX figure income selling with Veritas Insurance. I just wish I found these guys years ago!

Vipul Shiyal
24 Years | Ahmedabad

I have been working at North Star Insurance Advisors full-time (for more than 10 years)

The consistent support and management style and "we keep our promise" accountability of the management team is what makes this a different experience from what I have experienced from other Insurance agencies. I have been a pretty consistent producer and have struggled with other companies before because of the ‘sales cost’ vs. ‘quality of sales/service support’ and the pay structures.

Vipul Shiyal
24 Years | Ahmedabad